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Bar-Plate carries a wide variety of Makeready Tape, Spot Tape & Patch Up Tape as well as our exclusive Tape Dispensors

Makeready Tape

Makeready Tape Bar-Plate’s Makeready Tape is uniquely formulated to meet the specific needs of the diecutting industry. The Makeready Tape’s narrow widths of 1/4" and ½" make it best-suited for cutting and creasing makereadies. When it’s necessary to compensate for uneven rule height or variations in the cutting surface, the ability to use differing thicknesses of shimming material is critical to your success. Bar-Plate provides this ability with its Paper Makeready Tape, which is available in three thicknesses and two widths. Thicknesses of .0015", .003" and .006" in either 1/4"- or 1/2"- wide rolls are readily available for same or next day shipment. The proper tape thickness is critical when building up areas that have failed so as not to hamper the adjacent cutting or creasing rules. Bar-Plate’s Transparent Glassine .0015" is perfect for kiss cut operations, our Translucent White .003" makes fast work of rule and plate imperfections, and our Opaque Natural Kraft .006" is the only answer to press variations of significant magnitude. Bar-Plate’s Makeready Tape is manufactured from quality hardwood to guarantee that it will hold up under the constant pounding of the diecutting process, resulting in long-lasting, money-saving makereadies.

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Makeready Tape Dispenser

Makeready Tape Dispenser The Bar-Plate Makeready Tape Dispenser is a long-awaited product. All too often, valuable time and tape have been lost through the use of loose rolls. Bar-Plate’s universal new Makeready Tape Dispenser not only solves these problems, but gives you the option of having dry or pre-wetted tape right at hand. Our lightweight, polycarbonate dispenser has the capacity to deliver 1/4"- and 1/2"-wide tape in .0015", .003" or .006" caliper, either wet or dry. The quick change side plate makes adaptation for the two different widths a breeze. A refillable water reservoir in the base of the dispenser provides the moisture necessary to activate the tape. For tape that is precisely cut and ready for convenient, accurate and immediate application, simply pull the dispensed length down across the moistened wick and then up across the perforating blade. Best of all, the Makeready Tape Dispenser eliminates the paper cuts that came hand-in-hand with the old lick n’ stick method. For conventional users of Makeready Tape, just pull the tape straight out and up to avoid contact with the moistened wick, tear off the tape and apply in your normal manner. No matter which method you use, Bar-Plate’s Makeready Tape Dispenser protects your tape from excessive moisture, which can cause blocking, and eliminates the risk of “run-away” rolls. And, the dispenser’s visible blue color makes it much less likely to be lost or left in the press.

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Stiki-Tape / Patch Tape Bar-Plate’s Stiki-Tape / Patch Tape pressure sensitive Make Ready Tape (spot tape, or patch-up tape) is the best value available today. You get more tape at less cost. Color coded for ease of recognition and available in three sizes. All the rolls are 6 mm wide and 108 feet long. .001" x 6 mm x 108' Blue; .002" x 6 mm x 108' Red; .003" x 6 mm x 108' Yellow. Our Stiki-Tape comes in boxes of 10, but can be purchased as individual rolls.

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Stiki-Tape & Profi Tape Dispenser

Bar-Plate’s new pressure sensitive Tape Dispenser was designed with you in mind. Made with polycarbonate resin (Lexan) for durability with a simple design that’s easy to load and use. The transparent casing allows you to see the color (thickness) of the tape. It’s comfortable shape fits the palm of your hand with the thumb brake easily accessible. The pressure roller applies the tape in a straight and smooth line and the serrated blade makes cutting a snap. This new dispenser protects the tape from unwanted dirt, moisture and edge damage and allows you to use the full roll. Our new dispenser is designed for use with either the Stiki-Tape/Patch Tape brand or the Profi Tape brand.

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Profi-Tape Profi-Tape self adhesive makeready tape especially developed for precise patching, with color code for different thicknesses. Simple handling and precise sticking to all make-ready sheets. Due to its extreme hardness optimally suitable for high runs an repeat orders.

• Cost effective • Easy handling • Sticks on all materials • Extreme hardness and is suitable for long runs and repetitive jobs • Color coded • Fits and works well in Bar-Plate's Tape Dispenser • Three sizes .001" x 6 mm x 35M Blue .002" X 6 mm x 35M Red .003" x 6 mm x 35M Yellow

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Adhesive Steel Shim Tapes

Adhesive Steel Shim Tape When paper tape just won’t do, pressure sensitive, Adhesive Steel Shim Tape is the answer. If you need to level a plate or press, or if you makeready behind the die, this is the tape to use. Bar-Plate’s Adhesive-backed Steel Shim Tape conforms to the highs and lows of press beds and helps to eliminate the variations in rule height better than any other product on the market. What’s even better, it’s permanent! If you’re “footprinting” your press, this tape is perfect for even the small areas, and gives you superior, long-lasting performance. We’ve even used this tape to level a press and as a stop block shim and bearer repair. It’s extremely versatile and a must for every diecutter’s toolbox. As with any product Bar-Plate supplies, versatility and variation are important. All rolls come in 5/16" widths. The .0015" thick High Carbon Steel Tape is available in 40-foot rolls and the .002" and .005" Stainless Steel Tape can be purchased in either 33-foot or 100-foot rolls.

The dispenser box keeps the tape protected and neat. Just cut off what you need and apply

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Double Coated Tapes

Double-Coated Tape Bar-Plate’s Pressure Sensitive Double-Coated Tape is designed for the application of Counterboard and Phenolic to Diecutting Jackets and Cutting and Creasing Plates. Adhesion is quick and simple — either adhere the tape directly to the Counterboard or Phenolic and then apply the Counterboard or Phenolic to the cutting surface, or apply the tape to the cutting surface and then adhere the Counterboard or Phenolic. The cutting of the channels, skiving and stripping are effortlessly accomplished. Upon completion of the run, the counter peels off easily. The key to our successful tape is its dimensional stability and resistance to lateral movement. Once the tape is in place, your scores will not shift regardless of the pressure. This is not a stock tape! It has been specifically designed for use in our industry this includes the tissue carrier as well as the release liner. Our unique tape comes in 72-yard rolls—double the industry standard! The six different roll sizes, 1" x 72 yards, 2" x 72 yards, 4" x 72 yards, 6" x 72 yards, 12" x 72 yards and 18" x 72 yards, are designed to meet all of your application requirements.

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