Stripping Equipment

Hand Stripping Hammers

Hand Stripping Hammer
Designed specifically for the hand stripper, Bar-Plate’s Hand Stripping Hammer features a flat head on one end and a beveled edge on the other to provide optimum flexibility in stripping all areas of the form. The Hand Stripping Hammer has been forged to Bar-Plate’s exacting specifications using high quality steel and our very own mold.

The rubber tip reduces impact damage and is easily replaceable. Replacement heads, handles and tips are readily available.

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Air Stripping Hammers

Air Stripping Hammers
As much as our industry has progressed, there is still no faster or better way to strip and separate die-cut skidded loads off press than with a Bar-Plate Air Stripping Hammer. Our tools have proven to be the best in the industry, with low maintenance and high reliability.
The use of air as a power source keeps operating costs at a minimum. The Air Hammer is available with counter balancers, air input swivels, noise-reducing mufflers and a variety of chisels.
Bar-Plate also offers spare parts and repair capabilities in-house.

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Air Hammer Stripping Chisels

Straight & Offset Stripping Chisels
Bar-Plate stocks chisels for the IR Air Stripping Hammers. Straight and Offset Chisels are available in 5/8" and 3/4" blade widths with round or oval collars. The B-1 straight, square chisel is ideal for the corrugated industry and the C-1 cutter is the easy answer when side trim or stripping knife has not been added to the form. All chisels are heat treated and tempered after finish grinding, resulting in superior performance and long life.

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Off Press Stripmate Stripping Machines

BP 1,2&3 Stripmates
Bar-Plate’s Stripmates can handle almost any form that requires internal set-up and stripping. Bar-Plate’s 1, 2 & 3 Stripmates can all accommodate a 3/4" female stripping form, and the male form can either be conventional or one of our interchangeable punch assemblies and “T” slides. (Most diemakers can provide you with both the male and female assemblies required.) Many internal stripping forms used on press are easily adaptible to the BP 3. The BP 3 Stripmates adjustable bottom rails provide enough flexibility to support most sheet layouts. Bar-Plate’s Stripmates have been expertly engineered to suit most requirements for stripping internal waste or finished product from within the sheet. The height of the load to be stripped depends on the sheet size, total square inches to be stripped, caliper and type of stock, amount of nicking and quality of diecutting.

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With the Health and Safety of operators being of prime interest to all owners and managers of converting operations, one area of concern is the hand stripping of stacks of die-cut sheets. It is not only a time consuming process, but also puts stress on the operator’s lower back thanks to the continual bending over to remove the outer trim on the stacks. The other consideration is that as pressure mounts to reduce waste and maximize converting machine ‘up time’, perfectly stripped die-cut blanks ready for gluing is imperative. A new solution to this problem is now available from Bar-Plate. ‘Cartostrip’ is a hand held unit which enables the operator to strip waste trim from a stack of die-cut sheets easily and efficiently. The stripping device is held two handed by the operator and is manually moved down the stack of sheets, from the top to the bottom. The result is a perfectly stripped stack of die-cut sheets ready for the gluer. This tool is a must for all diecutters who do not have on press stripping capabilities. The unit, which weighs less than 12 pounds, is easy to handle and very robust. It will strip a wide range of die-cut products, ranging from heavyweight corrugated, through litho-laminated board, right down to the lightest grade of carton board or litho sheet. It is a quiet device, running at less than 91dB. The unit works around a toothed, rotating chain, which removes the outer trim from the stack of die-cut sheets at high speed. A protective cover across the top of the chain prevents damage to the sheets, as well as protecting the operator during operation.

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