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Broaching is simply the machining of a channel in the side of the cutting knife for the purpose of:
1. Eliminating swaging (increasing knife height) at the bend point of the knife.
2. Eliminating Cracking of the face or edge of the knife.
3. Eliminating Knife edge distortion.
4. Allowing a minimum radius to be achieved.
5. Allowing the use of harder knife even on sharp bends and complex shapes.
6. Effectively bend side bevel knife.
7. Produce a “Kiss-Cut” precision die.
8. Allows for the manufacturing of a superior die in less time.
9. Save time and material.
10. Reduces Makeready time on press.
11. Allows for consistent diecut part quality.
12. Aids in achieving greater press productivity.

Up to the present time most machining of a channel was done with expensive grinding equipment that quite often changed the temper of the knife unless a coolant was used. The use of a coolant often times led to corrosion.
Bar-Plate’s new Broaching equipment have no effect on temper. Our new Cost Effective Hand Broacher puts this important diemaking tool within Easy reach of all die shops.

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Unique Die Room Equipment

Unique Dieroom Equipment is designed and manufactured by Ozkardesler Kalip, Turkey's leading Diemaker. Based on their own requirements and experiences they have designed equipment to meet the needs of our evolving industry.

Unique offers a wide range of Benders, Notchers, Cutters and Nicking Machines that have been designed by diemakers for diemakers. The machines are Ridgid and Durable and made from high grade materials and treated to be resistant to corrosion and wear.

All parts have been coated with CrN (chrome nitride) and the cutting knives are coated with TiN (tiyanium) which provides a 50-70 % increase in use.

All Unique Cutting and Notching machines use bearings for low friction and maximum power transfer.

These are precision machines designed to make precision parts and are the best hand and foot operated machine on the market. That's why Bar-Plate is carrying them.

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Helmold Die Making Equipment

J.F. Helmold offers a wide range of manually-operated machines and accessories for the steel rule diemaking industry. These Helmold benders, notchers, cutters and miter machines have a long-standing history of quality – only Helmold tools have been used in the field since the technology began.

Today, Helmold offers several models of these machines to suit a variety of applications. So whether you need a good piece of starting equipment, a slightly modified version of your old trusted tool, or a tool with the latest design enhancements that increase production, Helmold has a bender, notcher, cutter, or miter machine for you.

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Bar-Plate features it's own Broacher in two models as well as carries Helmold Die Making Equipment.