Makeready Tools

Bar-Plate makes a variety of hand tools designed to help the diecutter preform a quality makeready and to assist the sample maker.

Score Cutting Knives

The score cutting knife is the perfect companion to any of our Counterboard Sheets.
The only adjustable, double-bladed score/crease/counter cutting knife available in the industry, Bar-Plate's ergonomically-designed Score Cutting Knife can be compared to no other. This lightweight and comfortable hand tool is designed to work with either hand and provides a secure grip. The ergonomic design makes cutting a straight line surprisingly simple.

Bar-Plate's Score Cutting Knife has a built-in storage compartment to hold any - or all - of the nine shims, as well as spare blades. This makes changing shims and blades faster, thereby saving makeready time. .001", .002", .003", .004", .005", .010", .015", .020" & .025" shims are included, as well as two precision side bevel, reversible .025" blades. .020" and .030" blades and extra shims are also available.

When hand cutting counters, the Score Cutting Knife allows you to cut both sides of the channel at the same time. This ability ensures a parallel channel and ends the possibility of "ropey" or "ragged" scores. Unlike Matrix, which forces you to choose the closest approximate size to what you need, the adjustable Score Cutting Knife allows you to select the exact channel you require. The Score Cutting Knife also works well on all types of Counterboard, and is a big help when running dry or easily-cracked stock.

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CB Score Cutting Knives

Corrugated Box Score Cutting Knife
Designed specifically for use in the corrugated industry and on other thick materials, the Corrugated Box Score Cutting Knife has the ability to cut extra wide channels such as those often necessary in the brown box industry. Thirteen shims allow you to obtain channel widths from .010" to 3/8" .

The Corrugated Box Score Cutting Knife comes complete with 13 shims and two blades.

Shim sizes: .001", .002", .003", .004", .005", .010", .015", .020", .025", 1/32", 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8". A .025" blade is standard, but .020" and .030" blades are also available.

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Sample Makers Scoring Tools

Adjustable Sample Maker’s Score Cutting Tool
Bar-Plate’s easy-to-use Adjustable Sample Maker’s Tool uses the same principle as our Score Cutting Knife—thirteen shims to give you the widest possible range for sample scoring. Simply determine the width of score you need by adding twice the thickness of the material you’re scoring to the rule thickness and then adding an additional four thousandths. Once the width is determined, place the appropriate number of shims between the two fibre blades. When used with Bar-Plate’s Sample Maker’s Creasing Rule Holder, the Adjustable Sample Maker’s Tool’s high degree of flexibility makes it the ultimate hand sample making tool.

The Adjustable Sample Maker’s Tool comes complete with two fibre blades, 13 shims, an allen wrench and box.
Shim sizes included are: .001", .002", .003", .004", .005", .010", .015", .020", .025", 1/32", 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8". Additional shims and fibre blades are also available.

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Sample Makers Rule Holders

Adjustable Sample Maker’s
Creasing Rule Holder
Simply determine what point rule you need, insert it in the Creasing Rule Holder, lock it in place and you’re ready to make a sample score. When the Creasing Rule Holder is used with Bar-Plate’s Adjustable Sample Maker’s Tool, sample making just doesn’t get any easier. Made of rugged steel construction, the Creasing Rule Holder will last forever. 12", 18", 24", 36" & 48" lengths are readily available. Custom sizes are also available.

The easiest, fastest method of hand scoring samples.

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Skive Ready Knives

Skiveready Knife
Designed specifically for skiving/chamfering the Counterboard makeready, Bar-Plate’s easy-to-hold Skiveready Knife features a center bevel blade and allows use from both sides and with either hand. The resulting clean, beveled edge eliminates the chance of the diecut sheet being caught in the press and the form pulled apart. The Skiveready Knife is also useful for skiving the edge of non-metallic Matrix to achieve a smooth ramp to the channel and for beveling the edges on Phonelic counters. The Skiveready Knife comes complete with a center bevel blade, an allen wrench and a box. Additional blades are available in five-blade containers.

The Skiveready Knife is the perfect companion to the Bar-Plate Score Cutting Knife.

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