Steel Diecutting Jackets

Bar-Plate is the largest manufacturer of Steel Diecutting Jackets in the world. We have Standard 20 RC and Boxmaker 35 RC grades of steel in stock. Our superior quality stainless steel in multiple thicknesses, along with our extensive files of OEM drawings and specifications, ensures that you get the best diecutting Jacket available. That's why we're No. 1. In our special manufacturing process we reverse and forward roll all our Jackets prior to making the gripper bend. This allows the leading edge of the Jacket to lay FLAT against the cylinder and gives you a concentric shape.

Standard Jackets

Standard Jackets are 20 RC and are available in multiple thicknesses. These Jackets are for the exceptional user. The softer steel requires a knowledgeable user and equipment in excellent condition. They are not recommende for heavy substrates .024" and above. When the above conditions are met you can expect a long and useful life.

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Boxmaker Jackets

Boxmaker Jackets use 35 RC Stainless Steel and are available in multiple thicknesses. We reccomend the Boxmaker jacket for the following applications: 1. Old Equipment in not the best of condition. 2. Diecutting or scoreing heavy substrates .024" and above. 3. Inexperienced operators. 4. Repeat diecutting in the same position on the cylinder. 5. The inability to do a proper makeready.

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Impression Jackets

Impression Jackets

Bar-Plate stocks Shirttail Impression Jackets for KOR HEIDELBERG offset presses.Our standard thicknesses are .016" & .023". Other thicknesses are readily available upon request. Jackets are produced from Boxmaker 35 RC stainless steel and each comes with our replaceable Shirttail.

We can manufacture Impression, Filler and Special Jackets for all offset presses.

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Turnbuckle Jackets

Turnbuckle & Bar-Turnbuckle Jackets

All of our Turnbuckle and Bar-Turnbuckle Jackets are made from our superior Boxmaker 35 RC stainless steel. Our reinforced turnbuckle tabs and welded bars or tabs ensure you of a tight fit and long lasting wear. In-stock Jackets are available for Miehle, Miller, Babcock, L&M and Heidelberg.

The Turnbuckle Jacket is designed to work on both single- and two-color presses. With its machined bars, the Bar-Turnbuckle Jacket is primarily used on two-color presses, but can also be specially made to work on single-color presses to extend the cutting area of the press.

We also carry a full line of Tunbuckle Accessories. In addition, we can custom-make a Jacket to fit any requirement.

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Cutting and Creasing Jackets

If you have a Miehle 29, 49, 61, 70, 72 or 76, we have the Jacket for you. Bar-Plate uses high carbon stainless steel with a finished hardness in excess of 35 RC. Our bars are riveted-on and finished-ground. Thicknesses from .050" to .125" are available.

The most common thickness is .083".
We can manufacture a Jacket to your specifications or assist you with the dimensioning of the Jacket. We'll send you a compatible drawing and all you have to do is fill in the dimensions.

We make Jackets for all MIEHLE, MILLER, L & M,VIKING, HEIDELBERG S&S and other regular and converted presses. The Jackets can be flat or rolled.

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70 Rc Process

Bar-Plate's special 70 RC Hard Chrome Process gives you a micro-thin layer of hard chrome and brings the surface hardness to 70 RC. The hard chrome layer helps to resist cutting and nicking of the Jacket surface. Jackets treated with this process have a smoother, blemish-free surface for an extended period during normal use.

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Bar-Plates Shirttail's are replaceable. They come in sizes to fit all Bar-Plate Standard, Boxmaker and Specialty Jackets.

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Cutting Plate Cleaner ll

Cutting Plate Cleaner 11
A diecutter’s wish come true! Bar-Plate offers liquid phase industrial cleaner that leaves no residue on the jacket surface. Our cleaner is ozone/environmentally friendly and has a low hazard rating, which makes it easier to use than the standard industrial cleaning chemicals on the market today.

Cutting Plate Cleaner II cleans better than type wash, blanket wash or font wash. It dries quickly and can be used on any cutting surface. Our cleaner is perfect for removing residual adhesive from Counterboard and Matrix.

Cutting Plate Cleaner II ships via normal UPS or truck with no special labeling requirements. Available in 16 oz. Spray, one-, five- and 55-gallon containers.

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