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J.F. Helmold offers a wide range of manually-operated machines and accessories for the steel rule diemaking industry. These Helmold benders, notchers, cutters and miter machines have a long-standing history of quality – only Helmold tools have been used in the field since the technology began.

Today, Helmold offers several models of these machines to suit a variety of applications. So whether you need a good piece of starting equipment, a slightly modified version of your old trusted tool, or a tool with the latest design enhancements that increase production, Helmold has a bender, notcher, cutter, or miter machine for you.

Helmold Rule Cutter

Rule Cutter
Designed to accurately cut steel rule to length, the Rule Cutter is an extremely powerful, rigidly-constructed tool that will cut up to 6-point tempered rule. It is equipped with front and rear gauges that are graduated by sixteenths. The short front gauge allows a cut of 6 1/2" and the long back gauge a cut of up to 25". The Rule Cutter’s knives are readily removable for sharpening. Replacement knives are also available.
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Helmold Rule Bender

Standard Rule Bender
In use wherever steel rule dies are made, the Standard Rule Bender’s
interchangeable male and female dies are used in forming rule to the desired shape without disturbing previously made bends. The Standard Rule Bender is equipped with an adjustable stop which may be instantly set, limiting the amount of die movement and enabling the user to readily make duplicate
symmetrical bends. The Standard Rule Bender is also equipped with an adjustable gauge which can be used on either side of the machine to locate the position of the rule relative to the dies.

Also available are the Heavy Duty and E-Z Bender, as well as the Bendall Bender, Bendall Attachment, Bending Die Sets, and SI Notching Die (turns bender into notcher.)
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Helmold Rule Notcher

Standard Notcher
Used for notching and bridging rule, the Standard Notcher comes equipped with an adjustable link so that the knife can be reset after sharpening for entry into female knife. Also available: Heavy Duty Notcher. Special size notches can be made to order.

Standard size notches of 1/4" x 5/8" or 5/16" x 3/4" are available for use with up to 3-point rule.

Also available are the Heavy Duty Notcher
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Helmold Mitering Machines

Right and Left Hand
Miter Machine
Created for those times when mitering from the opposite end of the formed piece is necessary, the Right and Left Hand Miter Machine can miter two ends at once. Not only is the process of cutting a length on the cutter, trimming one end on the miter and then setting up again to trim the other end eliminated, but small lengths can also be mitered on both ends with ease.

Also available: Single Miter Machine
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