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Hand Broacher—Model I
Our Hand Broacher is a cost effective and easy to use machine that will easily meet the needs of the professional diemaker. With fast, simple and precise set up this tool is a must for all serious diemakers. Our exclusive spring loaded double pin clamping feature securely holds the knife in place while broaching. For use on 2 and 3pt knife. Change over takes less than two minutes and is achieved by loosening two hex head bolts, removing one and sliding the 2pt or 3pt selector and then reinserting and tightening the bolts. The Side Gauge can be set from 0 to 16.5 inches and is easily used. Operation is simple, just push the double pin handle, insert the rule, oil the broach and pull the main broaching handle down and then up and you’re finished.

Hand Broacher—Model II
The BEST just got BETTER. Our NEW Model II Broacher is designed to do everything the Model I can and more. You now have the ability to broach to a depth of .016" on both 2pt and 3pt rule. This means you can easily make those butt joints with no need for mitering. You end up with a stronger & tighter joint. You will no longer have to change miter knives to adapt for changing knife angles. It’s so easy we have made it mistake proof. After the first broach, simply pull the release lever slightly forward, push in the release and slide the adjustment bar to the 2nd cut position. Pull the broaching handle down and you’re done. Here’s the best part, when you release the knife the adjustment bar returns automatically to the 1st position. The same procedure works on both 2pt & 3pt rule. To change from 2pt to 3pt simply push in the release and slide the adjustment bar to the required position.

Manufacturer Part # Product Name Price  
Bar-Plate 471010 Model I Broacher $2296.58 View
Bar-Plate 471020 Model II Broacher $2534.95 View
Bar-Plate 471012 Broaching Tool for BP Broacher $154.88 View