Nicking Tools

Bar-Plate manufactures Hand Electric and Pnuematic Nicking Tools. We first came out with the Nicking Chisel Set with auxillary tips in 1962 to replace what was commoly used at that time. Screwdrivers, cold chisels, files and steel rule. Our nicking Chisel tips give a clean, precise and when held vertically a perpendicular nick.

We then came out with the Revolutionary Electric Quicknick Grinder in 1967. This soon became the industry standard. Over the years we have changed and modified this nicker as well as adding a 220 volt unit and a Pnuematic version.

It still remains the industry standard.

Quicknick Grinders

Quicknick Grinder
Bar-Plate’s Quicknick Grinder is an updated version of the most popular nicking device in the industry. In 1967 we came out with our first model and we have incorporated many of the suggestions that you have made over the years. This precision nicking tool is compact, easy-to-handle, and comes standard in 110 and 220 volt or pneumatic-driven. Precise depth control is accomplished by means of an adjustable depth stop and safety is ensured with the attached Lexan guard which protects without obscuring the knife edge and wheel.

The Bar-Plate Quicknick Grinder comes with a newly designed head with smooth rounded edges and finger grips, a smoother action and a simpler method of changing the wheel. Two new types of bases are also now available. Both bases have easy-to-read scales for accurate and consistent positioning of the nicks, and both come with a dense rubber matte finish on the bottom to protect the rule and to ensure non-slip, stable grinding. The bases are replaceable and interchangeable.

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Grinding Wheels

We carry 14 different thicknesses of our popular grinding wheel. .006", .008",.012", .016", .020", .025", .031", .047", 1mm, .063", .078", .094", .109", .125". These are 9/32" X 1.5" wheels made specifically for the Quicknick Grinder.

Our wheels are 75% grit and 25% vehicle, whereas our competition wheels are 40% grit and 60% vehicle. They need to do that in order to stabilize the wheel as it will be used on a variety of grinders.

Our wheels will only work on our Quicknick Grinder and are made to last.

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Nicking Chisels

Nicking Chisel Set
The key to proper nicking is to always nick perpendicular to the cutting edge of the knife. While our Quicknick Grinder is the perfect solution, it is not always the answer for everyone. So, years ago we developed a cost-effective alternative to grinding that can fit into anyone’s budget—the Nicking Chisel Set. The Nicking Chisel Set is a simple, inexpensive tool for nicking dies. The set comes complete with a knurled holder and three standard tips, .020", .030" & .040". The male-threaded tips and the female-threaded holder make changing tips quick and simple.

Bar-Plate’s Nicking Chisel Set eliminates the need to use screwdrivers, cold chisels, files or other pieces of knife. The tips give a clean, precise and when held vertically a perpendicular nick. Also ideal for enlarging an existing nick, the Nicking Chisel Set is a must in every professional diemaker and diecutter’s tool box.

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