Bar-Plate choose to sell only the best Matrix, that's why we sell only Channel Creasing Matrix. Channel Creasing Matrix is the only Matrix made in the USA.

Matrix provides uniform, well-defined creases throughout the run. It is also the easiest possible way to ensure accurate register between the creasing rule and the creasing channel. It's quick and easy, which translates into reduced makeready time, better creases, faster run time and increased profits.

Channel Creasing Matrix's close manufacturing tolerances and use of the highest quality materials ensure excellent performance and long shelf life.A specially-formulated adhesive guarantees that the matrix will stay in place, yet be easy to remove. Matrix is perfect for almost any creasing operation-Platen, Cylinder, Roller and Bobst® style presses-and on a variety of materials-paper, card & cover stock, board and even corrugated. Bar-Plate carries all four matrix profiles and three distinct types to cover all applications.

Matrix can be cut & fitted either before or after the die is in the press.We recommend fitting it off-press as it reduces down time. Application is accomplished by first fitting the locator of the cut pieces over the creasing rule.The matrix is then positioned on the cutting surface by the rule at the first impression, resulting in perfect registration each and every

Metal Based


In use since 1964, Metal Based Matrix is the only US-made matrix on the market.The original product is made to exacting specifications using only the finest materials and up-to-date processes. It is made with a plastic profile extruded into a thin steel base, allowing for a taper to be put on the edges, resulting in a smooth flow of paper over the matrix.The color-coded, thermal-bonded locator leaves no messy residue when removed and is quickly recognized for repair or replacement. The strong adhesive base is designed to adhere to clean, dry plates with no extra taping and will not migrate during the run. Offered in a variety of sizes and shapes, Channel Creasing Matrix can be easily adapted to fit your application.

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Plastrix XTC

Plastrix is a synthetic rigid PVC based product available in Center, Off Center, U-Bend, Multi Crease, Internal Chamfer and Mini.
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PLASTRIX is a revolutionary one piece matrix made from an exclusive POLYMER formula so there is no possibility of it delaminating or separating. PLASTRIX is impervious to moisture, its non-migrating adhesive stays put for the duration of the run and its thermally-bonded locator with built-in registration tab ensures pinpoint registration.The unique crease profile reduces draw on the material being scored.And, there's no messy adhesive residue to clean up. Best of all, PLASTRIX requires no taping or ramping. Conventional matrix has a hard edge that requires you to tape the trailing cross machine direction edge to prevent jamming. PLASTRIX is available in center, off-center, double-score and reversecrease profiles, in both 1/2" and 1/4" wide formats.Available in a wide variety of sizes, PLASTRIX is color coded for easy recognition on and off the press.

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Marathon Matrix VF

Marathon was developed to help obtain very high speeds on Bobst®-style presses while maintaining sharp, well-defined creases-even on long runs. Because it is a film-based matrix, no rule height adjustment is necessary, eaning it can also run on platen and cylinder presses. The use of "VF" vulcanized fibre makes this product unique and ensures long run capability. "VF" is far superior to the normal fiberboard matrix that is available today. Due to its lower profile, Marathon Matrix VF can be used for cut-crease applications. As with our metal based matrix, the four quick and easy steps to a faster makeready apply. A variety of sizes and styles are readily available.

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Matrix Bench Cutter

The Matrix Bench Press is used in applications using a multiple-up die. It allows accurate and repetitive miter length
cuts time after time, speeding up the makeready process and saving money!

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Matrix Cutting Tools

Bar-Plate carries a wide variety of hand cutters for cutting
matrix and rubber. The Multi Cutter is ideal for straight or angle
cutting of rubber and matrix. Also available is the “Dolphin” Cutter,
named for the “fins” on each side of the blade. These fins have angle
markings engraved into them, allowing for precise lineup to achieve an exact angle.

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