Bar-Plate carries three different diecutting machines.

The Handy Press which was designed for small die low quantity runs, of items like Business cards or test impressions.

The MA II Swing Arm Press. The MA III Press has been used for leather, embroidery, badge cutting, magnetic cards, coasters, small plastic shapes, card stock, cloth accessories, straps and belt ends, key fobs, clothing, rubber, cork, plastic, wood and felt products, just to name a few.

The Tippman Clicker press in both the 7 and 15 ton capacity. This is an into type of diecutting press and is air powered.

Handy Presses

Created specifically for diecutting and embossing business cards, short production runs, die testing, knife & punch testing, machine loading and a multitude of other uses, the Handy Press is one unique, hand-operated platen press that every diemaker and diecutter should have. Bar-Plate’s Handy Press makes quick print operations a breeze!
Hard-tempered, ground and polished cutting and backup plates make the Handy Press able to stand up to rugged use, ensuring a long life. Made of anodized aluminum and plated steel, this machine is virtually maintenance-free; occasional lubrication is all it needs. Replacement cutting and backup plates are readily available.

Makeready time for the Handy Press is minimal and much simpler than that for a standard size platen press. An eccentric shaft controls the pressure and provides the mechanical advantage, making this press so easy to operate.
Plans are underway to increase the size of the Handy Press and to air-actuate it. Give us a call for availability.

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Tippmann Clicker Press


Tippmann Clicker PressThe Tippmann Clicker press uses an into diecutting process and with it’s exceptional cutting power you will be assured of a perfect diecut part every time.A wide range of materials such as fabrics, gaskets, plastics, paper and even up to 1/2 inch thick leather can be cut. Our rugged Cast-Iron “C” frame allows for easy loading of dies and materials on the cutting deck. Just press the Dual Safety Buttons and in less than 3 seconds you will have the perfect diecut part. Designed with only one moving part, this press is easy to operate and maintain. It’s patented Air System raises the cutting deck to give you tons of cutting pressure.This press operates on 100 psi air pressure.
Two models are available.


Cutting area
12" x 12"
12" x 24"


Die Height

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