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Our Rule Tamper is a unique steel rule insertion tool that combines the benefits of dead blow, bounce free, low impact rule insertion with laserpoint precision. Essential for use with automatic rule processors, the Tamper is perfect for fabricating precision dies for printed circuit boards, labels and gaskets, and for any steel rule die with precise parts or complex shapes.The Rule Tamper is designed not only to fit comfortably into the hand, but also to reduce jarring stress on the wrist and forearm

Manufacturer Part # Product Name Price  
Bar-Plate 420101 BP Rule Tamper Complete $75.63 View
Bar-Plate 420103 Rule Tamper Head 1 1/2" $15.33 View
Bar-Plate 420104 Rule Tamper Tapered Head 1/2 x 1 $12.78 View
Bar-Plate 420102 Dead Blow Stud Bar-Plate Rule Tamper $31.85 View