Diemaking Tools

BP Rule Pullers

Bar-Plate’s tried and tested Steel Rule Puller was created with the
diemaker in mind. The Steel Rule Puller is not a pair of ordinary pliers that
you can find at your local hardware store, but has been specifically designed
for use in the diemaking industry.

Cast from molds owned by Bar-Plate, the Steel Rule Puller is made of
the best alloy steel forgings, properly heat-treated and tempered and then
machine-finished. It has unsurpassed power grip and leverage built in. And
the rounded bottom makes it easy to “rock” out the rule. Our Rule Puller
can lift rule as close as 1/4".

Specifically designed for use in the diemaking industry.

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Rule Extractor 2000

Wagner Extractor 2000
The safety tool of the ’90s, the Wagner Extractor 2000 pulls rules without cutting fingers and knuckles. Bar-Plate is proud to offer the Wagner Extractor 2000. The unique Wagner Extractor 2000 is easily the best in the business.
We looked long and hard before we decided that there is no safer, faster or easier hand rule extractor anywhere on earth. The tough and ruggedly-
constructed Wagner Extractor 2000 pulls rule—up to 1 ½" high rule x 4pt thickness (with standard pins)—straight up, therebysaving the kerf from any damage. Rule as high as 2" can be pulled simply by replacing the pins with longer ones, and pins may be moved to accommodate various die configurations. Ergonomically-designed for user comfort and safety, the smooth lever action of the Wagner Extractor generates up to 600lbs. of pulling power, all the while keeping hands safely away from material. Jaws are low-cost and easy to replace with no brazing or soldering necessary.

There is no safer, faster or easier hand rule extractor anywhere on earth.

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Rule Extractor 3000

In conjunction with Frank Wagner & Son, Bar-Plate has developed a pneumatic version of the popular hand powered Extractor 2000.We are proud to introduce the Wagner Pneumatic 3000. The Wagner Pneumatic 3000 has the same versatile features as the Extractor 2000—removable foot pins and pads, along with easily-replaceable jaws. But, we’ve added air power—over 600 pounds at 90 psi! Easy push button operation, with fingertip adjusting knob to control speed, and omni-directional swivel coupling improves ease of use.

The single- or two-handed grip keeps the operator’s hand further away from the die surface and cutting rule. The Wagner Pneumatic 3000 features lightweight poly spiral tubing, and a mounting hole that readily accepts a balancer, helping to reduce operator fatigue. You’ve heard the old saying, “The best just got better.” Well, in this case, it is true. This is the finest and easiest-to-use rule extractor in the industry. And it only weighs 5.5 pounds!

We can also retrofit your existing Extractor 2000 with a pneumatic adapter.
Call 800-356-9940 for further information

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BP Rule Setters

Bar-Plate’s Rule Setter ensures optimal diecutting performance by providing the control necessary to insert the rules into the dieboard undamaged, perfectly-seated and level with every other rule in the dieboard. When using the Rule Setter, the rule is driven squarely, evenly and precisely perpendicular into the die without generating bridge or rule flexing, thereby greatly reducing
the chance of damaging precise miters. Since only the Rule Setter comes in
contact with the knife, virtually any hammer can be used. Our Rule Setter is faster, safer and more effective than traditional mallet rule insertion, while
extending the reach of the diemaker and protecting the knives. Using the Bar-Plate Rule Setter ensures precise on press kiss-cut performance. Made from space-aged polyurethane, the Rule Setter’s replaceable pad will not chip or crack, resulting in a long life and an even wear pattern. The extended aluminum handle, with its shock absorbent grip, reduces strain and eliminates the possibility of smashed fingers.

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Rule Tweakers

A revolutionary tool that works both on and off press. When the knife needs to be moved just a smidgen more to the left, or when the miter needs just a touch to make it perfect, or the crease needs just a tap to straighten it, we have the tool for you. When making a rule profile adjustment, it is critical that you don’t damage or mark the knife. Bar-Plate has developed the Rule Tweaker to correct knife distortion in the die, to ensure accurate joint alignment and even to modify the diecut profile.

We call this TWEAKING. The Rule Tweaker can also be used to change the folding characteristics of a container or box by bending the creasing rule to improve carton assembly. The Rule Tweaker’s interchangeable handle can be used with any of the four available heads. A handle in both 2pt, 3pt and 4pt configurations is included, as well as ½" and 1" heads. 3 1/2" and 6" heads are sold separately. With a choice of head widths and point configurations, the Rule Tweaker allows you to “tweak” the necessary area without rule distortion.The height of the tweaking slot is designed to protect the edge of the rule from damage.

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BP Rule Tampers

Our Rule Tamper is a unique steel rule insertion tool that combines the benefits of dead blow, bounce free, low impact rule insertion with laserpoint precision. Essential for use with automatic rule processors, the Tamper is perfect for fabricating precision dies for printed circuit boards, labels and gaskets, and for any steel rule die with precise parts or complex shapes.The Rule Tamper is designed not only to fit comfortably into the hand, but also to reduce jarring stress on the wrist and forearm.

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Dead Blow Diemakers Hammers

Precision Steel Rule Diemaker’s Hammer

The only Hammer designed for and with the input of diemakers, the Precision Steel Rule Diemaker’s Hammer is the ultimate Hammer.

Produced from cast aluminum and impact coated, with a non-slip grip, the Hammer frame is balanced to do the work for you. The dead blow connecting stud gives added weight and eliminates bounce. The Precision Steel Rule Diemaker’s Hammer is also the only Hammer with three individual heads—the main head is 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" and gives you plenty of knuckle clearance; the tapered rear head is 3/4" x 1 1/4" and is designed for inserting small knives and punches; and our unique bottom head is 1" x 1 1/4" and is best used for rule setting. All three heads are made of space-aged cast urethane and are easily replaced. We have an optional Main head 2 1/4" x 1 1/4".

With its tough and rugged design and replaceable heads, this may be the last Hammer you’ll ever buy.

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Urethane Diemakers Hammers

Cast Urethane Diemaker’s Hammer
Using space-aged elastomer technology, Bar-Plate has created a revolutionary Hammer of unparalleled strength and performance. Produced from state-of-the-art cast urethane, the new Hammer not only offers a reversible head for superior wear resistance, it won’t flake off onto the die like ordinary rawhide hammers. It’s unique orange color makes it easy to locate in crowded work areas. And best of all, it will outlast a rawhide hammer 5 to 1.

A new bottom head can be added to our Urethane Hammers. We can install them on newly ordered hammers or send you just the bottoms to put on your existing Bar-Plate Urethane Hammers.

The Hammer is available in four different sizes:

Head Size 2" x 3 1/2", 2" x 5", 2 3/4" x 4 1/4" & 2 3/4" x 4 3/4"
Length 12 1/2", 12 1/2", 14" & 14"
Weight 12 oz., 15 oz., 1 lb 5 oz. & 1 lb 7 oz.

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Rawhide Mallets

Garland Rawhide Mallets are constructed from the finest materials and workmanship. They are assembled by skilled craftsmen who specialize in non-marring striking tools. All Garland products are manufactured in the U.S.A., and are extensively field-tested on a diverse range of surface finishes to meet a wide variety of requirements.

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Dieboard Gage

The diemaking and diecutting process uses many materials selected based upon their thickness. Bar-Plate’s Dieboard Gauge is a lightweight, circular gauge with accurately machined slots that allows you to quickly verify the thickness of any material. The Dieboard Gauge can be used to determine the thickness of dieboard, ejection material and many other products used in the diemaking process. A convenient scale on the front and a chart for converting fractions to millimeters on the back make the Dieboard Gauge an indispensable and low-cost measurement tool for the diemaker and diecutter.

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Micrometer Adapter

With the need for faster makereadies comes the need for tighter height tolerances on rule and punches. Measuring rule and punch height has always been a difficult task and is rarely accurate or repeatable. Bar-Plate’s new Micrometer Adapter makes that difficult task easy. Just slip in on the barrels of a standard 1" micrometer and start measuring. Precise, accurate and
repeatable measurements are a sure thing. Just lay the strip of rule across the flat of the adapter; it enables perfect alignment of the rule and the barrels of the micrometer to the base and cutting edge of the rule. The adapter can be used on full-length strips and coils. The adapter can easily slide along the length of the rule allowing for multiple measurements.

The V-Groove in the center of the adapter is designed to hold the punches perpendicular to the face of the barrels. The punch can be rotated in the attachment to enable multiple measurements of the edge. This must-have tool is designed for rule and punches 1" high or less.

You can eliminate the use of the wrong height punch or rule by using this simple adapter. If you’re footprinting your press, this is the only tool that can ensure that you have the precise height rule necessary to build and use the footprint die.

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Mitutoyo Gages

Mitutoyo Measuring Tools

The Quick Mini is a convenient snap-action pocket thickness gage offering LCD digital readout.The Quick Mini is ideal for rapid checking of a wide variety of materials including metal, paper, plastic & wood. It’s the size of a business card with easy on-off, a zero feature, and one button to switch from millimeters to inches. 0 to 12mm or 0" to 1" measuring range.
Dial Thickness Gage (top right)

The 7300 Dial Thickness gage offers a quick and efficient means of measurement on a variety of materials including metal, paper, plastic & wood. Convenient grip handle, thumb trigger and spring loaded spindle. Large gage face for easy reading and knurled bezel for simple zeroing. 0" to .484" Measuring range. These very compact thickness gages are designed for carrying convenience and are ideally suited for quick measuring of paper, metal, leather, wire, plastic and other similar material. The spindle is pre-loaded to provide a constant measuring force. Comes with a carrying case and has a measuring range of : Model 7308

Pocket Thickness Gages These very compact thickness gages are designed for carrying convenience and are ideally suited for quick measuring of paper, metal, leather, wire, plastic and other similar material. The spindle is pre-loaded to provide a constant measuring force. Comes with a carrying case and has a measuring range of : Model 7308 (bottom right) 0" to .4". Model 7309 (top left) 0 to 10 mm.

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Starrett Tools

Starrett Measuring Tools

Bar-Plate is proud to distribute Starrett tools. With ISO 9000 Standards becoming more prevalent in our industry than ever before, the need for quality measuring tools is more important than ever. Starrett—more than any other
manufacturer—stands up to the test.

No. 216 Series and No. 216M Series (Metric) Digital Micrometers The No. 216 Digital Micrometer makes readings faster and easier for even the most inexperienced user. Held and used in the conventional way, thousandths of an inch can be read directly from the digital counter and ten-thousandths of an inch are shown on a quick-reading vernier scale on the Micrometer sleeve. The ideal tool for measuring steel rule and punch height, the Micrometer’s numbers can be read without removing your fingers from the thimble or the Micrometer from your hand.

No. 170 Dial Sheet Gage
Starrett’s Dial Sheet Gage measures sheet materials such as paper, cardboard, leather, plastic and metal. With one finger through the ring, press the thumb down on the pad to raise the moveable contact. Insert the material to be measured, release the thumb pad, and read the thickness being registered on the dial.The Gage can be easily zeroed by turning the knurled bezel and moving the hand back to zero. The range of this Gage is 0-.150" with a throat depth of 1-1/8". This Gage is also available with metric graduations.

No. 223 Paper Gage Micrometer Caliper
Starrett’s Paper Gage Micrometer Caliper is a satin-chrome-finished Micrometer that has been designed specifically for use in diemaking shops, diecutting plants, printing plants, paper warehouses and rubber plants. It accurately and quickly measures the thickness of paper, cardboard, chipboard, rubber, plastics and other similar materials. The Paper Gage Micrometer Caliper has a range of 11/32" and is graduated in thousandths of an inch. Anvil and spindle faces are lapped and an extra large 7/16" diameter prevents the compression of the material being measured, resulting in very accurate readings. The floating anvil disc automatically adjusts itself to any surface condition. A convenient finger holding ring is also provided.

No. 1010z and No. 1010ez Dial Indicator Pocket Gage. (1010M= metric)
No. 1010z and No. 1010ez Dial Indicator Pocket Gages are used by salesman, inspectors, purchasing agents and production people for quick checks on materials up to 3/8" thick. Both Gages are easy to use, fit in your pocket and
come with a protective case.The No. 1010z has a graduation of .001" and the No. 1010ez has a graduation of .0005".

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