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White Stereotype Embossing Board is specifically designed to be the economical alternative to two-plate embossing and debossing. The expense of brass, steel and composite plates is prohibitive on some small runs, but with our Stereotype Embossing Board, you can eliminate one-half of the set and make your own counter.

It’s easier and safer to use than “Pour a Counter” and gives superior results. Stereotype Embossing Board is available in Plain or Adhesive versions.

Stereo Embossing Board

Our Plain Stereo is available in .030" & .060" Thicknesses and in the following size sheets: 20" x 20", 20" x 30". 20" x 40" & 20" x 60".
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Adhesive Backed Stereo Embossing Board

A superior quality, pressure sensitive adhesive is already on the Stereo Counterboard. Just peel off the backing and apply the Stereo directly to the
cutting surface. Comes in both .036" & .066" thickness sheets. Available sheet sizes are 19" x 19", 19" x 29" & 19" x 35".
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