Bar-Plate has the world's largest and most diversified inventory of Counterboard in stock. Every sheet is stamped to specific thickness, and our tolerances of .002" are the best in the industry. We super callander every sheet to achieve a smooth, even surface. Best of all, there is no minimum quantity. You choose the method of application - double-coated tape, adhesive-backed or glue.

Unlike Matrix, which only offers set sizes from which you need to choose the best fit for your application, Counterboard gives you a custom counter that will fit every application. You can cut and form to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of any substrate you're processing, and you can achieve infinite channel width and depth. Counterboard is the original Matrix.

We have Jute Tag, Genuine Pressboard, Vulcanized Fibre and Stereo Embossing Board in stock and ready for shipment. Every sheet of Bar-Plate Counterboard is stamped prior to shipment to identify its thickness.

Our standard sheet size of 24" x 36" fits most press applications, but special sizes are available upon request. Our wide range of calipers - .010" to .030" in gradations of .002" - for Jute Tag and Genuine Pressboard, plus .032" to .040" in Vulcanized Fibre, simplify even the most complex scoring/creasing requirements. Jute Tag is also available in .008" caliper.

Our Jute Tag, Genuine Pressboard and Stereo Embossing Board can be ordered plain or with an adhesive backing. Please note: Vulcanized Fibre comes plain only.

Our Adhesive Counterboard has a finished sheet size of 23" x 35" and is available in calipers of .014" to .030" in gradations of .002" from stock.

Stereotype Embossing Board has a standard size of 20" x 20" and either .030" or .060" thickness. 20" x 60" sheets are also available. Adhesive Stereo Embossing Board comes in 19" x 19" in either .036" or .066" thicknesses.

Jute Tag

Jute Tag Counterboard is our softest & easiest to use counterboard. Its Manila Colored and easy to distinguish from our other counterboards. It is designed for short run applications. Its fibrous makeup allows for easy cutting and chamfering, which speeds up your makeready. Jute Tag comes Plain or Adhesive Backed.

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Genuine Pressboard

Pearl Gray in color, Genuine Pressboard, with its hard surface, is best suited for medium lenght runs. When cut, its hard edge gives you a clean square channel that helps define the crease or score. Genuine Pressboard comes Plain or Adhesive Backed.

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Vulcanized Fiber

Red in Color, Vulcanized Fibre, with its extra had construction throughout. is the only choice for long runs or when you're using recyled board as your substrate. It features unmatched performance when you need million plus impressions. Many of uor customers perfer Vulcanized Fibre to Phenolic counters. Vulcanized Fibre only comes Plain.

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Stereo Embossing Board

White Stereotype Empossing Board is specificaly designed to be the economical alternative to two plate embossing and debossing. The expense of brass, steel and composite plates is prohibitive on small runs. With our Stereotype Embossing board, you can eliminate one half of the set and make your own counter. it's easier & safer to use that "Pour a Counter" and gives superior results. Stereotype Embossing Board is available in Plain or Adhesive Backed.

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Countamat Is a new type of counter material consisting of two layer fine woven glass cloth and a kraft paper reinforced phenolic core. The dense cloth weave ensures durability on press and allows clean routing yet long run durability. This range of glass fibre reinforced phenolic sheet material is designed for use on flat bed steel rule die applications.

Key properties are:
• A glass fibre reinforced surface ensures high wear resistance.
• A full range of sheet thicknesses from 0.40mm to 1.40mm is available.
• Material is supplied within close tolerance limits of ±0.02mm.
• It is mechanically very strong because of the glass fibre reinforcement.
• High quality durable counter material
• Developed for clean routing yet long run durability

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